Live Your Passion

Life is an act of Creation

My earliest education was in the Rudolph Steiner School in New York City. If I were to summarize the philosophy of the founder of this school (and the Waldorf schools) it would be the greatest gift of humanity is the ability to create.

I love to design and build gardens of all kinds. This section contains recent projects we at Greener by Design are working on, Charitable work we have done on behalf of show houses, and a variety of greenroofs. The recent projects section is what we are doing and have created now more or less. The showhouses are special projects that allow us to create for ourselves (as opposed to a client) on behalf of a charity, while the bulk of the greenroofs are other designers work that we have implemented.

Interestingly, the act of building someone else vision is often the most educational of the the three, requiring both an understanding of another designers vision, and the most efficient way to facilitate its creation.

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